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1.2ghz 800mW wireless video transmission equipment

1.2ghz 800mW wireless video transmission equipment


Modulation FM
Frequency 1.2GHz
Transmit power 800mW
Wireless mode Point to point
Antenna type External omnidirectional antenna
Support range 300-500M (LOS)
Function Video & audio signal


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. Summary

TY-800MW wireless video transmission equipment is an excellent all aspects of performance are more varieties, and its large power margin, more suitable for complex physical environment. The use of 0dB ( Original small antenna) in full to the antenna, the open area to ensure the transmission 300-500m or so, if the raising of the high gain directional antenna, increased to 1 km away. And transmitter technology is superb and the special metal is more conducive to heat, more suitable for long hours of work. Signal input with common AV interface ,it can easily work with camera, VCD, DVD and all other conventional AV interfaces compatible.

 1.2ghz 800mW wireless video transmission equipment


1.2ghz 800mW wireless video transmission equipment

Ⅱ. Features

1. Wireless transmission: no need to set up communications cable

2. Image, audio sync, color black and white compatible

3. Small size, light weight, easy to carry, good installation

4. Responsive, timely, send and receive real-time transmission

5. Using FM mode, anti-interference ability, good image quality

6. Highly integrated, stable and reliable transmission distance

7. DC power supply, easy to use.

Panel Description

1.Transmitter Panel Description

TY-800MW wireless video transmission equipment

2Receiver Panel Description

TY-800MW wireless video transmission equipment



 Operation instructions

Correct installation method: First connect the receiver and transmitter system (see installation instructions). The case to determine correct connections (the first transmitter antenna must be connected), and then were connected to the power transmitter and receiver.
Energized, the transmitter and receiver are not pressing the channel selection key, then the transmitter and receiver are automatically locked in a particular channel (factory setting is usually 5 channels). If you use other channels, as long as the transmitter button is pressed lightly channel adjustment button, and then transferred to the receiver and transmitter channel corresponding channel can be.

 1.2ghz 800mW wireless video transmission equipment

Corresponding channel as follows

Transmitter Channel Display Receiver channel display Corresponding frequency
1 1 983MHz
2 2 1021MHz
3 3 1050MHz
4 4 1060MHz
5 5 1080MHz
6 6 1100MHz
7 7 1120MHz
8 8 1140MHz
9 9 1160MHz
A 10 1200MHz
b 11 1220MHZ
c 12 1240MHz
d 13 1280MHz
E 14 1320MHz
F 15 1360MHz

Ⅴ. Installation methods and procedures:

Installation methods and procedures

1. From the packaging boxes, take out the receiver, transmitter, antennas etc…;.

2. With a special connector cable to connect the high frequency antenna and the host;

3. Were fixed transmitter, transmitter antenna, receiver antenna

4. Use audio and video cable to the transmitter and the signal source (DVD. cameras and other AV output) connection, the receiver and monitor (TV, etc.) connection.

5. When power is open, the instructions on the red light

6. Adjust the transmitter and receiver channel, through monitor, so that the receiver’s audio and video effects to achieve the best

7. If you want to increase the distance, you can increase the corresponding band high-gain antenna (general directional antenna ; helical directional antenna, Yagi antenna, grid-shaped antenna, parabolic antenna, etc.)

8. If outdoor installation, be sure to pay attention to the water。

Transmitter 1PCS
Receiver 1PCS
Power supply 2PCS
Antenna 2PCS
AV line 2PCS
BNC Connector 1PCS
Manual 1PCS


1.Before the antenna is not installed, do not starting up, or it may damage the system!
2. If using DC power supply, the proposed use 12V voltage power supply, and the power supply polarity as the internal positive and negative outside! Do not mistake!
3. If the transmitter signal source is mono, the audio transmitter receiver audio input and output should be to select a single channel.

 1.2ghz 800mW wireless video transmission equipment
Model TY-800mw
Voltage DC 12V
Current 300mA
Frequency 983-1280MHz
Number of channels 15CH
Transmit Power 800mW
Video Output 1 Vp-p(FM)
Audio Output 1 Vp-p(FM)
Audio Carrier Ware 5.5M 6.0M
Distance (Open environment) 300-500m
Overall Configuration Transmitter, receiver, video cable, power supply, antenna
Temperature -20℃~+50℃
Transmitter Weight 65g
Receiver Weight 120g
Overall Weight 645g
Dimensions (L * W * H) Transmitter:67*45*19mm Receiver:  116*80*21mm
Box size (L * W * H) 245*160*65mm


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