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10KM wireless PTZ and RS485 control command device
  • 10KM wireless PTZ and RS485 control command device

10KM wireless PTZ and RS485 control command device


Modulation FM
Frequency 220-240MHz
Transmit power  
Wireless mode Point to point
Antenna type External omnidirectional antenna
Support range 10KM (LOS)
Function RS485 signal



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Features :

1.High performance, high stability, high reliability, suitable for a variety of adverse working conditions;
2.Software change the transmit power, do not open the device to change the output power;
3.Software change the squelch opening level, site commissioning is more convenient;
4.Warming frequency reference source, to ensure that the sending and receiving frequency of the high stability;
5.Provide a variety of data interface that connects users to a variety of external devices
6.Built-in modem, direct data transmission;
7.Provide an external modem interface;
8.Excellent thermal design is suitable for long-term uninterrupted work;
9.Waterproof and dustproof, and suitable for field work;
10.Precision die-cast aluminum structure with professional circuit design, anti-jamming capability;
11.Frequency synthesizer technology, dual-phase-locked loop and dual VCO, transmit start-up time less than 10ms;
12.Effective communication distance;
13.A variety of modulation, for a variety of customer needs;
14.Through the computer, flexible and easily set the frequency, power, squelch opening level, the rate of channel interface rate / parity mode, emission limit, the parameters;
15.Provide the EIA-232, EIA-485, TTL multiple data interface that connects users to a variety of external devices;
Either built-in modem, direct data transmission can also be an external modem, flexible and easily build the system;
16.FSK, MSK, GMSK, etc. to choose from a variety of modulation mode for easy compatibility with a variety of radio interoperability;
17.0-1200,2400,4800,9600,19200 bps various transmission rate configured to provide the best cost performance;
18.Support for point to point, point-to-multipoint, and a variety of network structure, flexible networking;
19.Provide low-power configuration, sleep currents as low as 3mA, data radio standby current less than 60mA, channel radio standby current less than 30mA;
20.Industrial grade product design, the operating temperature range -40 – +70 ° C

◆ indicators of data transmission and data interface
• The channel transfer rate: 0 ~ 1200bps (FSK type)
2400/1200bps (MSK / FFSK basic type)
4800/2400/1200bps (MSK / FFSK Enhanced)
9600/19200bps (GMSK high speed)
• Bit Error Rate: 2400bps rate ≤ 10-7 @-105dBm
• Data Interface: EIA-232, EIA-485, the TTL, asynchronous transfer
• Interface data structures: a start bit +8 bit data + 1 bit stop bit
Or 1 start bit +8 bit data + parity bit + 1 stop bit.
Parity bit can be set through the computer to select for odd parity or even parity
• data interface rate: 0 ~ 1200bps (FSK type)
9600/4800/2400/1200bps (MSK type) can be set through the computer
38400/19200/9600/4800bps (GMSK type), through a computer set up .

10KM wireless PTZ  and  RS485 control  command device

◆ The overall technical indicators
• Frequency Range: 220 ~ 240MHz
• Frequency stability: ± 1.5 ppm
• The total number of channels: 16 (expandable)
• Operating mode: Half duplex
• Channel spacing: 25KHz
• Built-in modem modulation mode: FSK / MSK / of GMSK
• Power supply voltage: 110 ~ 220VAC DC 12V. (11 ~ 15V)
• Supply voltage: DC 11-14V, typical values of 12V
• Power consumption: 10W at full power emission <1.7A
Conventional channel Standby <65mA, receiving <100mA
Conventional data Standby <90mA, receiving <100mA
Low power type sleep <3mA Standby <60mA, receiving <90mA
• Antenna Connector: N-type connector – the standard configuration
• Antenna Impedance: 50Ω
• Operating Temperature: -40 ~ +70 ° C

◆ Transmitter main technical indicators
• Transmitter output power: 10W (1 ~ 10W five programmable settings)
• Spurious response rejection: ≥ 70dB
• Frequency Modulation: ≤ 5KHz
• Modulation Distortion: ≤ 2%
• emission limit: unlimited / 30 to 1200 seconds (programmable settings)
• launch a start-up time: ≤ 10ms

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