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2.4GHz 10km long range UAV drone wireless video transmitter with RJ45 RS232 port
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2.4GHz 10km long range UAV drone wireless video transmitter with RJ45 RS232 port


Modulation COFDM
Frequency Range 2.4GHz (2.402-2.478GHz)
Transmitting Power 1W (30dBm)
Transmitting Rate 70Mbps
Video Data Port 2 Ethernet port, RS232 port
Transmission Distance Air to Ground 10 km
Power Supply DC 7~18V
Net Weight Tx:59g Rx: 59g
Gross Weight 0.7kg (1 set)


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ST10NPT is a COFDM wireless communication equipment based on military standard. It supports 2.4GHz (2. 402~2. 478 GHz) and suitable for long range, high code stream and wireless transmitting application, like long range drone UAV helicopter video transmitter. The transmitting rate up to be 70Mbps and the farthest transmission distance is 10km air to ground.

This model has advantages of light weight, mini size, low power consumption, high stability and receiving sensitivity. With RJ45 and TTL bidirectional serial port, this model can wireless transmit video and ethernet data.


  • Small size, low power consumption, adapt to industrial-grade ultra-low and ultra-high temperature environment
  • Transmitting rate: 70Mbps, air to ground 10km
  • Support: 2.4GHz (2.402 - 2.478 GHz) COFDM
  • Transmitting Power: 1000mW
  • Mode: Point to Point and Point to Multi-point
  • Frequency Bandwidth: 2Mhz/20Mhz Adjustable
  • Support AES encryption
  • Support SBUS、PPM、TTL
  • Communication Latency: ≤1ms
  • RJ45+TTL bidirectional serial port. The serial port can match external S1and S2 module
  • Combine video and data transmission into one link to send and receive.


As its miniature volume, precision design, lightweight and easy to carry, suitable used in short distance and long range air high speed wireless video data transmission purposes. Such as long range UAV, rotorcraft, micro UAV, drone, UGV, unmanned powered parachute and more video data transmission.

 long range Drone video transmitter packaging

Model: ST10NPT special for long range drone video transmitter
Frequency 2.4GHz (2.402-2.478GHz) Adjustable
RF Transmitting Power ST5NPT: 23dBm(air to ground 5km) ST10NPT: 30Bbm (air to ground 10km) ST20NPT: 33dBm (air to ground 20km)  
Frequency Bandwidth 2MHz/20MHz Adjustable
Antenna 1T1R  
Adjustment mode of bit rate Software adjustment  
Communication Channel Encryption WEP, WPA(PSK), WPA2(PSK), WPA+WPA2 (PSK), AES 125/256  
Transmission Mode point to point / point to multipoint  
Start-up time < 30s  
Transmission Distance ST5NPT: Air to ground 5kmST10NPT: Air to ground 10kmST20NPT: Air to ground 20km  
System Latency ≤60ms  
Two-way function Integrate multiple radio links into one to transmit and receive.Support SBUS/PPM/TTLS 1 pro communication module Optional
Transmitting Rate 70Mbps  
Power DC 12V DC 7~18V Optional
Power Consumption ST5NPT Tx: 3Watts RX: 3Watts ST10NPT Tx: 4Watts Rx: 4Watts ST20NPT Tx: 6Watts Rx: 6Watts Maximum
Temperature Operating temperature: -40 - 85°CStorage temperature: -55 - 100°C  
Interface Power input interface × 1Antenna interface × 1RS232 Bidirectional Port × 1Ethernet to USB / RJ45 on Windows × 1 Software adjustment
Indicator Light RJ45 input/output indicator lightTransmitting and receiving indicator lightTransmitting and receiving indicator lightPower light  
Appearance Design CNC technology/ double aluminum alloy shell with waterproof design  
Size 68×48x14mm  
Net Weight Tx:59g  Rx: 59g  
Gross Weight 0.7kg (1 set)  
Packing size 25*21*7.1cm  


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