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30KM outdoor wireless PTZ  data transmission device

30KM outdoor wireless PTZ data transmission device


Modulation FM
Frequency 220-240MHz
Transmit power  
Wireless mode Point to point
Antenna type External omnidirectional antenna
Support range 30KM (LOS)
Function RS485 signal


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30km Steady-type wireless PTZ command control equipment Application: ST30TWG/ST419TWG remote command control system with a master keyboard, integrated high speed dome cameras with the use of the ball constitutes a wireless control system. Between the keyboard and ST30TWG command receiver through RS485 communication, ST30TWG responsible for passing keyboard control commands over the wireless channel to pass through to ST419TWG command receiver. ST419TWG command receiver and control through the RS485 communication link to the command passed to the integration of high-speed dome cameras and thus completed the integration of wireless high-speed dome control. Such as: traffic control and toll management, monitoring of banks and postal savings network, 110 command centers and fire command center, a modern command and management, oil, mining, forest-site remote monitoring and other important areas of low bit-stream wireless data communications.

30KM outdoor wireless PTZ  data transmission device

Air traffic data rate
600bps ~ 19200bps
Interface communications rate
Communication interface
(default 485)
Maximum transmit delay
1000/960*63=65.6ms( 9600 bps )
Transmit delay count
The number of bytes sent +2 (9600bps)
Frequency stability
+/- 5PPM
Antenna impedance
RF power
Supply voltage
12V DC / 1.5A
Ambient temperature
-40 ℃~ 50  ℃
Relative humidity
30% ~ 93%
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