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4CH mini DVR

4CH mini DVR


Channel no 4ch

Video compression


Format PAL and NTSC
Power supply DC12V


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1. Support 4-way video, 4-way audio.

2. Support video mode: 4 CIF, 25 frames per channel / second; 2 Road HD1, Each 25 frames / second; a road D1, 25 frames per channel / second.

3. Support the PAL format, NTSC format;

4. OSD video overlay, such as: time, channel name, license plate number, speed

5. Support manual recording, time recording, alarm event recording
6. 8-grade video quality can adjustable


 4CH mini DVR

Item Device parameters Performance
System Operating language Chinese/English
Operating interface Graphical user interface menu (OSD menu)
Password Security User password, administrator password 2 Management
Video Video input 4-way composite video input
Video output Single composite video output
Video display Single-screen, four screen display
Video standard PAL standard, NTSC standard
Audio Audio input 4-way audio input
Audio output Single audio output
Recording mode Voice and video simultaneously recording
Audio compression ADPCM
Image Processing
And storage
Image compression H.264
Image format CIF/HD1/D1 optional
Video output standard ISO14496-10
Audio streaming standard ADPCM
Video Rate CIF: 150Kbps ~ 0.8Mbps, 6 selectable levels of quality, a quality the highest, the lowest 8 


HD1: 300Kbps ~ 1.0Mbps, 6 selectable levels of quality, a quality the highest, the lowest 8

D1: 600Kbps ~ 1.5Mbps, 6 selectable levels of quality, a quality the highest, the lowest 8

Audio Rate 8KB/s
Data memory Support a 2.5-inch SATA hard disk, hard disk recommended for the Hitachi brand
Alarm Alarm input 6 –way Alarm input
Alarm output 2 –way  Alarm output
Software packages PC Review & Analysis Playback video files at the same time vehicle information on file for analysis
Software upgrade This product supports USB interface and hard drive upgrade
Other Power input DC,+8V ~ +32V
Power output +12V@2A,+5V@2A
Working temperature 5—55°C
Power dissipation 10W (Without peripherals)



Part 2, M4 basic operating parameters


Item Operational parameter Instruction
Power input 8—32V Input voltage of +8 V ~ +32 V,-voltage long-term below 8V, or long-term higher than 32V, automatic shutdown device into protection mode.
Voltage output 12V Output voltage 12V (+ /-0.2V), the maximum current 2A.
5V Output voltage 5V (+ /-0.2V), the maximum current 2A.
Outputs with a current limit, when the output current long-term than 1.2 times the maximum current setting, the automatic cut off the output, so load automatically after the restoration of normal output.
Car keys signal ≤6V Car keys close.
≥7.5V Car keys open.
Video input impedance 75Ω Each video input impedance of 75Ω .
Video output 1Vp-p 1Vp-p output an analog signal of the CVBS.
I/O interface 0—1V For the low alarm.
5V above For the high alarm.
USB interface   1. Support USB1.1, U disk compatible with all kinds of business. 


2. Live swap support, but when the file transfer process equipment, unplug the U of U disk tray will break the data

Working temperature 5–55°C Refers to a well-ventilated conditions, the ambient temperature.
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