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5-10KM industry-grade wireless av transmitter receiver

5-10KM industry-grade wireless av transmitter receiver


Modulation FM
Frequency 1.0-1.7GHz  ,10.7 ~ 15GHz
Transmit power  15dBm~30dBm
Wireless mode Point to point
Antenna type External directional antenna
Support range 5-10KM (LOS)
Function Video & audio signal


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5-10KM industry-grade wireless av transmitter receiver

Product Overview:

Used to transmit wireless microwave remote wireless surveillance video / audio signal, image transmission, while transmission Each one or two channel audio signal, work,Frequency range of 1.0 ~ 1.7GHz(L-band)10.7-15.7GHz (Ku-band). Transmission distance according to customer requirements up to 10km, with relay afraid of occlusion. ST-601 long-distance microwave image transmission system,System can transmit high-resolution real-time video images, transmission distance popularity in the industry praise.

ST-601 microwave video transmission system has the following characteristics:

1.    All-solid-state design, dual PLL lock, image clarity, high stability work.

2.    Continuously adjustable output frequency, frequency of intelligent visual display for easy application.

3.    Power output isolation protection to effectively prevent the RF port being struck by lightning

4.    Integrated sealed design, small size.

5.    Used for reconnaissance, secret video, point to point distance image transmission

Main Application:

1. Traffic control and used to electronic police

2.110 police command center on the city major site of control

3. Police communications command vehicle of the important site of control

4. Armed police and armed police to combat the fire command center

5. Postal savings and modernization of command and management control

6 Toll wireless monitoring system

7. Major warehouses, terminals wireless monitoring

8. Oilfield and mining of important on-site wireless monitoring

9. Forest Fire Monitoring

10. Area Wireless Monitoring

11. Bank of monitoring and control network

12. Coastline Wireless Monitoring

5-10KM industry-grade wireless av transmitter receiver


5-10KM industry-grade wireless av transmitter receiver

 5-10KM industry-grade wireless av transmitter receiver

Working frequency 1-1.7G Hz or 10.7-15.7GHz
Transmit power 30dbm
Output impedance: 50Ω
Input Video 1V peak - peak
Input Audio: 0.1-1.0V input peak - peak
Working voltage: 12VDC
Working Current: 1A
Modulation FM
Modulation index DG ≤ 5%, DP ≤ 5
Modulation bandwidth 30 MHz/1V
Video format PAL
Ambient temperature -15 ° - +55 ° C
Output interface N Block
Power jack: Φ2.5 mm
Size 149 * 60 * 45.5mm

Receiver Specifications

Input frequency 950.0 ~ 2050.0MHz
Input level -65 ~-30dBm
IF frequency 479.5MHz
IF bandwidth 27 MHz
Image attenuation 40 dB
Static threshold 6 dB (typical)
Gain Control AGC (automatic gain control)
Input impedance 75Ω
LNB DC 18V, 300mA (max)


Frequency range 4.5 ~ 9.3MHz
Bandwidth 180K, 330K, 400kMHz
Audio Distortion <1%
Output Level 2.0Vp-p
To increase the value 50us, 75us, j17


Output Level 1.0Vp-p
To increase the value notice by CCIR405-1 625-line standard
Video range: 25Hz ~ 5.5MHz
To the diffusion attenuation > 40dB
Interface RCA


Power supply AC220V
Power 13W
Size 480 (W) × 190 (D) × 44 (H) mm
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