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5.8G High bandwidth digital wireless video transmission equipment

5.8G High bandwidth digital wireless video transmission equipment


Modulation OFDM
Frequency 5150~5825MHz
Transmit power 30dBm
Wireless mode PTP and PTMP
Antenna type External antenna
Support range >6KM (LOS)
Function Audio&video signal



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1. High-performance wireless handle chip (Atheros AR7240+AR9280), steady and reliable, low consumption 

2. Adopt H.264 Video coding technique, high compression ratio, high picture quality

3.Complete networking protocol, built-in WEB, support IE visit、deploy and upgrade

4. Support PTZ control, can control turning and flexing of camera

5. Support any PTZ protocol: can customize PTZ protocol to upgrade

6. Support two-way voice intercom, external audio input and output (custom)

7.Support WIFI wireless transmission, support network search、support WEP/WPA/WPA2 encryption method

8. Frequency range: 5180~5825 MHz, can set frequency of different area and different country 

9. Point to point transmission distance can reach 8km, the most can be up to 1 to 15 cooperated ST58T8G or ST58T8G-N

10. According to the request of customer, can customize alarm function

5.8G High bandwidth digital wireless video transmission equipment

Parameter/ designation  ST58T8VC digital wireless video  command transmission equipment (Not only transmit Multi-media audio& video signal, but also transmit network signal)
Wireless part
Frequency range 5.15 ~ 5.25 GHz 5.25 ~ 5.35 GHz 5.725 ~ 5.825 GHz
Transmission standard 802.11an
Compression standard
Video Compression standard H.264/MJPEG
Compression output rate 32K~4Mbps/1M~16Mbps
Video coding size D1: 704×576,Half D1: 704×288 CIF: 352×288 QVGA: 320×240 QCIF:176×144
Frame rate 25F/S,30F/S(available adjust)
Image adjust Brightness, contrast, chroma, saturation, image quality adjusting
Image delay less than 200MS(LAN)
Audio compression standard G.711
Audio compression rate 64Kbps
Modulation connector
Communication interface 

RJ4510M/100Mto match Ethernet,RS232,RS485

Support transparent reading and writing

Function and feature
Security Three level password protection
Users 5

CPU: High-performance media and communication processors ARM+video hardware acceleration engine

Operating system: real-time embedded LINUX

ROM:8MBytes Flash ROM


General specifications
Work temperature -10℃~65℃
Work humidity 85%RH below
Power <10W
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