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5Km 2.4ghz outdoor wireless video transmitter and receiver

5Km 2.4ghz outdoor wireless video transmitter and receiver


Modulation FM
Frequency 2.4GHz
Transmit power 3W
Wireless mode Point to point
Antenna type Internal directional antenna
Support range 5KM (LOS)
Function Video & audio signal


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Economy outdoor waterproof and dustproof wireless video transmitter. To transmit the video and audio signals by FM. Long transmission distance, stable performance, digital frequency adjust, waterproof and dustproof with the high resolution prefect image for using in field and harsh environment. The working frequency is S band between 2290 to 2510MHz, complete real-time image transmission, reach 5KM transmission distance, ignore block with repeater together.

Waterproof and adjustable frequency for avoiding the frequency interference;

Bandwidth (2.29-2.51GHz) with the widely adjust range. The traditional connector is transparent (BNC, AV), signal input is AV. Power: AC 100-240V. 12V available according customers requested to meet the solar or battery powered devices.

Equipment is suitable place: Building Ground, Orefield, mountain region, stride over river, large factories, large building ground, Military exercise areas, large parking lots, Oil collection point, etc. Please make sure the NLOS environment between TX and RX. The main obstruction included: Building, mountain, tree(Don’t ignore the tree as obstruction)

If there is obstruction, we should be try the best to avoid them. Firstly, extend the video cable to place the TX and RX higher then obstruction. If cannot this way, find a repeater where can see each other point.


2290MHz 2310MHz 2330MHz 2350MHz 2370MHz 2390MHz

2410MHz 2430MHz 2450MHz 2470MHz 2490MHz 2510MHz

As rule, 40M each frequency point.So cannot use above 6sets this products. If you need more channel to transmit, please choose others equipment, such as TY-1500SZ or ST-601、ST-605SZ

5Km 2.4ghz outdoor wireless video transmitter and receiver5Km 2.4ghz outdoor wireless video transmitter and receiver

5Km 2.4ghz outdoor wireless video transmitter and receiver

Product Economical analog wireless video transmission equipment
Product model ST-2418SW-3
Appearance Such as picture,the transmitter and receiver have the same appearance
Transmission power 3W
Working voltage 220V or 12V
Working poser 10W
Video output 1 Vp-p(FM)
Audio output 1 Vp-p(FM)
Audio 5.5M  6.0M
Transmission range 5000M ,(in open air ,no obstruction)
Configure Transmitter、receiver ,built-in antenna (its easy to install)
Working temperature -20℃~+50℃
Transmitter weight 3 kg
Receiver weight 2.9kg
Size:(L*W*H) 32*32*7CM
Transmission signal Wireless video and audio signal,


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