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  • · What is a dome camera?

    Dome cameras, as the name suggests is a hemispherical shape, just named for the shape. Dome Camera Due to small size, appearance, more suitable for high-grade office space and renovation of places. Dome camera image is from the current generation of CCD dome cameras

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  • · Analog cameras Feature

    1, ease of use

    Analog cameras: closed, only watch inside, not remote monitoring,

    2, practicality.......

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  • · Classification of the camera lens, which has several?

    Fixed iris lens: Simple. Only one can adjust the lens focus manually adjust the ring, the ring can rotate around the image CCD imaging target surface most clearly. No adjustment ring aperture, the aperture can not be adjusted, the light flux entering the lens elements of the lens can be changed by changing only the field of view by changing the light intensity to be adjusted. Simple, cheap.

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  • · What is the camera system?

    TSC system, also known as N system. It belongs to the same system in the United States in December 1953 developed the first successful and abbreviations National Television System Committee (National Television System Committee) is named. 

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  • · What is a DVD camcorder?

    DVD digital video camera (compact disc-type DV) storage media is the use of DVD-R, DVR + R, or DVD-RW, DVD + RW to store dynamic video images.

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  • · What is a smart cameras?

    The basic principle of the camera work, i.e., the optical image signals into electrical signals. When we were shooting an object, the light reflected from an object is on this collection of the camera lens,

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  • · Advances in camera technology integration

    Security camera technology with integrated camera technology is developing out from home, home video camera to abandon the portable device, the display interface and additional features such as storage devices, retaining only its suitable for CCTV surveillance camera functions.

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  • · What are the advantages of integrated camera?

    Compared to its integrated camera technology evolved from a home video camera technology, conventional cameras, one machine is compact, beautiful, has advantages in terms of installation, more convenient

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  • · What is the integrated camera?

    For the integration of the camera, there have been several different interpretations, there are means dome one machine, fast ball machine, combined with integrated PTZ camera and lens built-in one machine. Strictly speaking, the fast dome cameras, dome cameras and the general one machine is not a concept, 

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  • · How industrial cameras work?

    Camera resolution of indicators to assess the level of resolution, in units of line pairs, the number that can distinguish between the black and white image pairs. Common resolution monochrome camera is generally 380-600, 380-480 color is, the greater its value, the sharper image. 

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