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  • · Classification of industrial cameras

    Industrial camera by an imaging device into electric vacuum pickup device (ie camera tube) camera and solid-state imaging device (CCD devices, CMOS device) camera two categories. Electric vacuum camera tube developed early variety, but the high cost, large volume.

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  • · What is industrial cameras?

    Industrial cameras are applicable to many areas of an intelligent transportation, security mount, HD electronic police system, industrial inspection, semiconductor inspection

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  • · What are the advantages of high-definition video camera?

    HD IP network camera, which uses a 5-megapixel progressive scan CMOS image sensor resolution up to 720P (1280 * 720 resolution) / 1080P (1920 * 1080 resolution) full-time broadcast image quality, sharpness far higher than the CCD analog cameras in the traditional sense, the real goal of high-definition monitor.

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  • · What is HD cameras?

    HD cameras, which can be high-quality, high-resolution images, taken out of the picture can reach 720-line progressive scan mode, resolution 1280 * 720 or 1080 lines interlaced scanning to reach a resolution of 1920 * 1080 digital camera.

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  • · What is a wireless camera ?

    As the name implies, refers to the wireless camera wireless transmission through the network camera, the difference is that ordinary transmission network camera.

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  • · What power network IP cameras?

    Electricity network IP camera is a plug and play, no other fabric lines, using existing wire network monitoring equipment to transmit video signals. 

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  • · What is a PC-based video recorder?

    PC DVR IPC IPC chassis, and interference can withstand harsh industrial environments. Industrial CPU card and using integrated industrial backplane can support larger number of video and audio channels, and more IDE hard drive. Of course, its price is also general

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  • · What is a network monitoring machine?

    Network monitoring machine is a high-performance network cameras, not only includes a powerful user management function, with good reliability and compatibility, and easy to install, easy to operate, users do not need any skills in a few minutes you can connect the camcorder to broadband internet.

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  • · What is the difference between the relevant surveillance cameras?

    Ordinary camera mainly refers camera for online chat, and surveillance cameras mainly refers specifically for video surveillance security cameras. 

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  • · What is a surveillance camera?

    Surveillance cameras are used in the security aspects of the quasi-camera, it's pixels and resolution than the computer video head higher, lower than the professional digital camera or dv. 

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