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  • · Camera key performance


    It is a video signal level and the noise level ratio. This indicator is an important indicator of the quality of the camera. The higher the SNR, the sharper the image, the higher the quality, usually 50dB or more.

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  • · What is the camera remote control?

    remote surveillance camera remote surveillance cameras, the main points of ordinary edition, enhanced version of the three categories and outdoor version can be about 320 degrees, down 60 degrees rotation monitored on the screen to take pictures, videos, and photos, videos hair E-mail or FTP server to the camera with motion detection function can be set

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  • · What is the camera?

    Camera (CAMERA), also known as PC camera, computer eye, electronic eye, is a video input device, is widely used in terms of video conferencing, telemedicine and real-time monitoring. Ordinary people can also have a video camera to have voice conversations and communicate with each other on the network. In addition, people can also be used for the current variety of popular digital images, audio and video processing.

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  • · What is an IP camera?

    IP cameras generally refers to the network camera, which includes a regular cameras, video servers, network card, application software, and some also include PTZ and zoom lenses. It can compress the image transmitted through the network. . 

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  • · IP Camera is made of?

    Generally by the lens, PTZ, infrared light, frame, image sensor, sound sensor, A / D converter, image, sound controllers, network servers, external alarm, power adapter, the control part of the interface and other components. 

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  • · IP Camera is how to apply?

    In addition to providing high-speed broadband information network for Internet access outside the image can replace copper cable transmission line, real-time video surveillance applications into the broadband information network, which makes information network instead of the traditional CCTV inevitable.

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  • · IP Camera What are the advantages?

    This advanced system uses existing cabling network transmission images, and real-time monitoring. Less front-end equipment required for the system, the connection is simple; backend just a software system can be.

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  • · What IP Camera is?

    IP Camera is a network camera, which is a combination of traditional cameras and network technology generated by the new generation of cameras. IP Camera can be produced as a digital video stream and video stream via a wired or wireless network for transmission of video cameras, has gone beyond the geographical constraints, as long as the network can be remotely monitored and video, will greatly reduce the cost of installing wiring truly remote monitoring without boundaries.

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  • · Wireless Monitoring advantage

    An integrated, low cost, more stable performance. Just a one-time investment, no trenching pipe, especially for outdoor distance and has renovated occasions; In many cases, users often due to the geographical environment and job content restrictions, such as mountains, harbors and open land,

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  • · What is a wireless pinhole camera?

    Pinhole lens is the use of pinhole imaging principle to get the video footage, its low cost, simple in principle, commonly referred to as the pinhole camera pinhole camera / machine, not with a pinhole camera. But people still customary to say, those with a fisheye lens, flat lens or miniature camera lens cone called pinhole camera, wireless pinhole camera the same principle is true.

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