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H.264 24CH D1 HD DVR

H.264 24CH D1 HD DVR


Channel no 24ch

Video compression


Format PAL and NTSC
Power supply AC220V


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ST-9024HD dvr designed for the development of  video surveillance cost-effective equipment. It uses
high-speed processor and embedded operating systems, using highly efficient H.264 video compression
/ decompression technology,can be realized CIF, HD1 and D1
video formats; with superior vibration, flexible and easy to install, powerful, high reliability


H.264 24CH D1 HD DVR

Video input: 24 video, 8 audio input: Summer 3520 programme
Video resource: 600/720FPS
Real time monitoring: D1 704*576 ( PAL ) /704*480 ( NTSC )
Video resolution: CIF resolution video
Compressed mode: H.264
Video playback: single picture and a multiple screen and sixteen screen at the same time playback
Speed: slow, quick release, manual and single-frame playback mode available progress bar positioning


playback time

Storage: SATA interface HDD × 4, 8.0TB
Network function: RJ45 10M/100M adaptive network port with a domain name, distance without setting of peanut shell
Single table size: 423 x 352 x 90 mm, single weight: 6KG excluding hard disk
User: Password: admin
Backup: backup support DVD-RW burning
The PTZ head and alarm:



Mobile phone monitoring: support: Windows Mobile; Symbian iPhone, Google Saipan; Adroid, Blackberry black mold five major


operating system

In fourteen languages: English, Russian, propagation, Germany, Italy, law,, West, grape, Thai, Fen, Greek, Japanese, wave
Can be customized brand switch machine LOGO
2U large chassis
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