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UHF(300-900Mhz) UAV 5km HDMI 720P Video Link

UHF(300-900Mhz) UAV 5km HDMI 720P Video Link


Modulation: COFDM
Frequency: 300-900Mhz
Channel Bandwidth: 6MHz
Resolution: HD720P (1280*720)
Transmission Range: 1-5km
Power Supply: DC9-16V
Weight: 120g 


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 COFM video transmitter


ST6200BM is a cost-effective COFDM wireless transmission equipment specially designed for UAV(unmanned aerial vehicle) applications. It supports HD 720P(1280*720). Using COFDM modulation technology, frequency bandwidth is 6MHz with a very strong anti-multipath interference ability. Compare with traditional analog and modulation technology, this model is more suitable for complex environment. It own diffraction and mobile function by using low frequency. It can transmit HD HDMI video in high speed movement. Mini size, weight 120g, transmit power 400mw, it is easy to carry and often used in short distance on ground and long distance transmission from air to ground. As special transmission: used for image collection including light UAV machine, super light UAV machine, spin wing UAV, mini UAV, unmanned boat, unmanned car, airship, drone aircraft, USV and all driving device. On ground LOS distance: 1-2km, air to ground 1-5km.


  • Light weight: 120g
  • Small size: like a cigarette box
  • Alarm function when video loss
  • 4 channel to choose
  • HD HDMI Connector
  • Resolution: HD720P(1280*720)
  • Receiver has  Signal Indicator
  • Strong Cooling function
  • Low power consumption
  • H.264/MPEG-2 video CODEC
  • Stable audio and video transmission in high speed moving and anti-multipath interference environment
  • Strong NLOS transmission ability
  • Transmission Power: 400mw

small UAV Tansmitter

3. Solution

small wireless transmitter solution

COFM uav video transmitter application

4. Application Introduction

Mainly transfer way: UAV~Car control station~ Control center~Internet to different city control center.
UAV assemble mini devices, transfer air live video signal to the communications station, or a local command centre. Local display monitor, storage command center can direct send the audio and video to real-time monitoring, dispatch. Other video way directly through the metropolitan area network or Wan transfers to the provinces and command center; to access PC browsing management, videos and so on.

5. UAV Application effect of video

RF-modulation Part
Frequency Range 138MHz~2GHz (customizable)
Modulation COFDM
Output Power 400mW
Distance 5km
Channel Bandwidth 6MHz
Error Correcting Mode FEC@Viterbi (1/2, 2/3, 3/4)
Guard Interval 1/32, 1/16, 1/8, 1/4
Technical Standard H.264
Code Stream 2Mbps~8Mbps
Usage Mode Easy carrying, aerial photo, Hidden, NLOS transmit
Video Audio Part
Image Resolution HD720P (1280*720)
Compression Format H.264/MEG-2
Image fps Standard 24,50,60 fps
Video Audio Input/output port Digital HDMI port
RF Physical Interface SMA
Transmitter Light Video screen, channel shows
Receiver Signal Light shows the signal strong
Alarm Output Video loss, image loss
Receiving Polarization Vertical
Other Part
Other Function Comes with restart button and channel checking button
Power Supply Transmitter DC2.75 port, DC9-16V
  Receiver DC5.5, DC9-16V
Size Transmitter 89*62*22mm
  Receiver 108*88*21mm
Net Weight Transmitter 120g
  Receiver 170g
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