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Microwave outdoor wireless video and audio receiver

Microwave outdoor wireless video and audio receiver


Modulation FM
Frequency 1.1 ~ 1.7GHz (L-band) , 10.7~15GHz (Ku-band)
Wireless mode Point to point
Antenna type External directional antenna
Support range 5-50KM (LOS) (due to transmitter)
Function Video & audio signal


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It`s a specialized wireless av receiver , which could be used with ST601 , ST605SZ and ST6300 series products . The effective distance is up to the  corresponding transmitter . They are the best solution for long range wireless transmission circumstance , wuch as desert , river , forest , oil etc.

Please attention as below:

When purchasing products at a good frequency range you want:

1200-1400MHz 1300-1500MHz 1400-1600MHz 1500-1700MHz or10.7-15.7GHz

Microwave outdoor wireless video and audio receiver

Input frequency 950.0 ~ 2050.0MHz
Input level -65 ~-30dBm
IF frequency 479.5MHz
IF bandwidth 27 MHz
Image attenuation 40 dB
Static threshold 6 dB (typical)
Gain Control AGC (automatic gain control)
Input impedance 75Ω
LNB DC 18V, 300mA (max)


Frequency range: 4.5 ~ 9.3MHz
Bandwidth 180K, 330K, 400kMHz
Audio Distortion <1%
Output Level 2.0Vp-p
To increase the value 50us, 75us, j17 


Output Level 1.0Vp-p
To increase the value notice by CCIR405-1 625-line standard
Video range: 25Hz ~ 5.5MHz
To the diffusion attenuation > 40dB
Interface RCA 


Power supply AC220V
Power 13W
Size 480 (W) × 190 (D) × 44 (H) mm


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