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Small HD UAV COFDM video transmitter with battery
  • Small HD UAV COFDM video transmitter with battery
  • Small HD UAV COFDM video transmitter with SDI port
  • Small HD UAV COFDM video transmitter with HDMI port
  • Small HD UAV COFDM video transmitter in bag

UHF(300-900Mhz) UAV 10-15km HDMI/SDI Video Link


Modulation: COFDM
Frequency: 300MHz-900Mhz
RF Power: 100~400mW adjustable
Weight: 175g
Resolution: 1080P
Range: 10-15km
Video interface HDMI/SDI/CVBS 


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1. Product Introduction:

     ST6200TPS-HD mini portable HD wireless video transmission equipment is new generation of real-time broadcast-quality high-resolution image transmission system. It adopts the current leading COFDM modulation technology and relative narrow-band frequency(2/2.5//4/8MHz), it has the strong anti-jamming capability, overcomes the reflection and cover caused by transmission multipath simulation technique and conventional modulation techniques, to realize high-speed photography and real-time transmit high quality image in NLOS or complicated working environment.

2. Product features:

Picture quality reach to Full HD via H.264 encode & decode, of course the picture quality downward compatibility to 1080I, 720P or 480P.  Support digital interface and analog interface, like HD-SDI & HDMI and simulation port CVBS. The advantage of the production include high resolution & contrast ratio, good color performance.

The transmitter’s external interface unit:

  • Power switch: Press the switch, control power on-off. After the equipment operate, the LCD display will be shut automatically with 3 seconds.
  • External power supply interface(DC IN): the power output will be DC 7.2V when use Li-battery, it can charge the camera
  • Power supply: can also use external power supply, it supports DC 7-16V
  • Antenna interface: SMA RF antenna interface(connect antenna first, then open the power supply, otherwise the power amplifier will be burned)
  • Camera input interface: standard 2.5 camera input, support DC 5V
  • 3.5 Av input interface: turn to analog AV interface
  • SDI interface: connect the external HD camera

UAV/ Helicopter Application:

UAV COFDM wireless video transmission system

Covert Surveillance Systems Application

Mini HD COFDM wireless video transmission system

Working frequency 300MHz~2GHz
Output powe 100~400mW adjustable
Modulation COFDM
Channel bandwidth 2/2.5/4/8MHz adjustable
Error correcting mode FEC@Viterbi (1/2, 2/3, 3/4)
Guard Interval 1/32, 1/16, 1/8, 1/4
Encryption mode manual operation AES double encryption
System part
Standard H.264
Code stream 1.5Mbps~12Mbps
BER ≤10-6
Transmission distance LOS: 1-8KM, air to ground: 8-20km, NLOS: >400meters
Usage mode portable, aerial transmission, hidden transmission and short range NLOS av transmission
Audio and video part
Compression format H.264
Audio input igital HD-SDI、analog CVBS complex standard 2.5 and 3.5 double input
Image resolution HD1080P(1920*1080), compatibility 1080I、720P、480P and standard resolution
Image frame rate 30 frame/s
AV input physical interface digital HD-SDI
Video input physical interface  standard 2.5 interface, standard 3.5 interface
Audio input physical interface  standard 2.5 interface, standard 3.6 interface
Batterypowered: DC 7.2V/140mA or external DC 7-16V
Built-in LCD display the parameters and adjust parameters function, the display will shut up within 3 seconds
Power switch ON/OFF
Size 100*58*18mm(L×W×H)
Weight 175g
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