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400mW SD COFDM Transmitter
  • 400mW SD COFDM Transmitter
  • 400mW SD COFDM Transmitter
  • 400mW SD COFDM Transmitter

UHF(300-900Mhz) UAV 5-15km Analog Video Link


Modulation: COFDM
Working frequency:300MHz~900Mhz
Output power: 400mW
Distance: 10-15km
Channel bandwidth 2/2.5/4/8MHz
Video Input: Analog video
Compression: H.264 


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ST6200TPS mini portable narrow bandwidth series wireless video transmission system make new CVBS 2.5 connect port standard,is the new gap of high definition real-time video transmission system. Strict compliance with requirements of the public security departments transmission frequency bandwidth:only use 2MHz bandwidth),using narrow bandwidth COFDM modulation techniques,and combining diversity reception of foreign advanced technology,comparing with the 8MHz equipments, this model is more sensitive, stronger anti-interference, supports longer distance. It is very suitable used in the complex environment; audio video encoder uses the H.264/MPEG-2 standard, definition is up to DVD(720*576),clear picture quality, bright colors、image smooth.


Mini size , easy to carry; Simple operation,save time;Easy close non-wireless image transmission horizon ; wider applications of this product。Strict compliance with requirements of the public security department: only use 2MHz bandwidth.

Mini portable equipment application:

Be used in spot to car, spot to room. It is used to do scene camouflage、secret visit forensics、figure pass air operations、UAV wireless video transmission due to its small-size and light-weight,supports 1-10km line of sight distance in ground, and 10-30km air to ground.


  1. 2 MHz narrow bandwidth, DVD video image quality.
  2. Dual AES encryption can be set manually
  3. With display to show the parameters, adjustable parameters
  4. The receiver has LCD display to show the Signal strength indication
  5. Receiver has CVBS and digital HDMI output
  6. Supports external battery power supplying , more convenient.
  7. New equipments, increases the heat dissipation function.
  8. Standardized audio and video interface, also supports 2.5 and 3.5 port.
  9. Digital video process with high quality and video encoder decoder is H.264/MPEG-2.
  10. Supports NLOS distance transmission
  11. Transmission power:100-400mw adjustable
  12. Two receiver antennas, signal is very stable, video image is very smooth.
  13. Small size, light weight , Easy to camouflage, carrying


This equipment can be used in Public security, Fire control, traffic, Civil defense emergency, City management、Environment monitoring, Flood control、Electricity rescue、Railway rescue、Maritime law enforcement、Maritime surveillance inspections、Customs and Border Protection、Pier monitoring、Forest Fire、Oilfield theft、Military reconnaissance、living broadcast, and so on;suitable environment: in the city, one the sea, mountain and other very complex places

For special transport:light ,UVA Ultra-light UAV, Rotorcraft , miniature unmanned aerial vehicles, unmanned submersible boats , no boats, no cars , airships , drones , unmanned powered parachute , no boats, unmanned etc. acquisition shooting;

For normal transport:There can be used to close the non- line of sight obstructions job or open the visual operations, such as wireless video and image transmission .

Application forms:

The overall transmission path:the worker takes the mini transmitter-- Communications command vehicle~Local control center~Network command center to provinces. The worker takes the mini transmitter to send the audio video signal to the command vehicle; the vehicle as the repeater send all the signal to the control center. The control center can use the monitor to control and send command back to the man. Another way is to directly transfer the MAN or WAN via command in provinces and cities nationwide; Command center can directly access the audio and video signals monitor real-time monitoring , and can use network monitoring, access to PC audio and video browsing and video and other operations.


Mini portable SD wireless video transmission system



Mini portable SD wireless video transmission system

Transmitter specifications
RF modulation section
Working frequency 300MHz~2GHz adjustable
Output power 100~400mW adjustable
Modulation COFDM
Channel bandwidth 2/2.5/4/8MHz
Error correction mode FEC@Viterbi (1/2,2/3,3/4)
Protection interval 1/32,1/16,1/8,1/4
Encryption Dual AES encryption can be set manually
System section
Standard MPEG-2
Date rate 1.5Mbps~6Mbps
BER ≤10-6
Transmission distance 10-15km
Use Portable , aerial , close shot secret visit , video transmission in short NLOS distance
Audio video section
Compression formats H.264/MPEG-2
Video input PAL/NTSC
Audio input Left / right
Image clarity Resolution :720*576、Frames per Second: 25 f/s
Video input port Standard able 2.5 AV connect port with 5V power output
Audio input port Standard able 3.5 AV connect port with 5V power output
Other section
Display LED display function parameters and adjust parameters , boot 3 seconds automatically turn off the display
Battery power supply DC7.2V/1400mA or 2200mA
External power supply Standard DC 2.5 connect port, Voltage:DC 7 -- 16 V
Power switch ON/OFF
Coloer Pure black , green, black, silver optional
Size 100*58*18mm (L×W×H)
Weight 175g

Receiver model :ST6200RU

Mini portable SD wireless video transmission system  

Receiver specifications
RF modulation section
Receive frequency 138MHz~860MHz
Demodulation technique COFDM
Channel bandwidth 2/2.5/4/8MHz
Error correction mode Dual AES encryption can be set manually
Receive sensitive 2MHz@-103dBm/2.5MHz@-102dBm/4MHz@-100dBm/8MHz@-97dBm
Signal strength LCD display
System section
Receive polarization Vertical polarization,two antennas receiving
Receive technical Space diversity reception technology
Filtering technology Built-in high-performance cavity filter technology
Audio video setion
Decompression format H.264/MPEG-2
Video output PAL/ NTSC
Audio output Right/ left
Digital audio video output HDMI
Image clarity Resolution:720*576、25f/s
Video output port BNC female、HDMI
Audio output port BNC female、HDMI
Other section
Display Comes with LCD display, adjustable parameters , the received signal strength indication
Power supply AC 220V
Size 1U,19inch box,480*280*45mm
Weight 4.0kg
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