Safety awareness increases, Video surveillance systems into our lives. Video surveillance program are also more and more, So the first thing to consider installing surveillance systems of the following 8 major principles:

1.Real-time monitoring system

Real-time monitoring is very important, and it’s necessary for the Monitoring System.


Security and confidentiality measures to prevent the illegal invasion and illegal operation system


Monitoring system equipment used modular structure, The system can be extended no need to change the structure of the network and hardware and software


The system provides software, hardware , communications, networking , operating systems and database management systems and other aspects of the interface and tools that meet international standards , so that the system has good flexibility , compatibility , scalability and portability.The entire network is an open system that is compatible with a number of monitor manufacturers of products, and to support the secondary development.


Equipment and technology used in line with internationally accepted standards


System features full use of existing video surveillance subsystem networks. Monitoring can be used in different business, it is full-featured and easy to configure


Monitoring systems will become an advanced , future-proof , high reliability, confidentiality, easy network expansion , strong connection data processing capabilities, the system is running manipulate simple security system .


Video surveillance systems have to complete the project in the required functional capacity and standards. Comply with the requirements of norms of domestic and foreign, and the advantages include ease of operation, Low- cost and high-performance.