COFDM technology for wireless video transmission advantages

COFDM technology for wireless video transmission advantages are as follows:

1. Suitable for urban areas, suburbs, buildings and other non-line-of-sight environment, showing excellent "diffraction" "penetration" capability.

  • Because of its multi-carrier and other technical features, COFDM equipment with "non-line-of-sight", "diffraction" transmission advantages in urban areas, mountains, buildings and other inside and outside can not be blocked and the environment, the device can achieve stable video transmission, it is not affected by the environment. The transmitter and receiver ends generally use the omni antenna, so it is not necessary to check the location and orientation of the transmitter and receiver video transmission, video and audio the transmitter and the receiver can be freely operated according to the situation of the scene and the requirements of the director / director. The system is simple, reliable, and flexible.

 2. Suitable for high-speed mobile transmission, can be used in vehicles, ships, helicopters / UAVs and other equipments.

  • Suntor COFDM device support 500 km/h high-speed mobile transmission. COFDM equipment does not require any additional equipment, can be achieved fixed - mobile, mobile - mobile use, very suitable for installation to vehicles, ships, helicopters / unmanned aerial vehicles and other mobile device. Not only transmission has high reliability, and compared to the above solution no longer need to configure the additional device, it realizes higher cost performance.

 3. Suitable for high-speed data transmission, the rate can up to 4Mbps, to meet the high-quality video and audio transmission.

  • High-quality video and audio have high requirements on the camera, for the requirement of encoded stream and channel rate is also very high.
  • COFDM technology each subcarrier can choose QPSK, 16QAM, 64QAM and other high-speed modulation, the channel rate after synthesis is generally greater than 4Mbps.

 4. In the complex electromagnetic environment, COFDM with excellent anti-jamming performance.

  • It adopts relative narrow-band frequency(2/2.5//4/8MHz) , and has strong anti-jamming capability through joint coding of each sub-carrier. In a single-carrier system (such as digital microwave, spread spectrum microwave, etc.), a single fading or interference can lead to the failure of the whole communication link, but in a multi-carrier COFDM system, only a small part of the sub-carriers will be disturbed, and these sub- channel can also use error correction code to error correction, to ensure the transmission low error rate is very low.

 5. Channel utilization is high.

  • This is particularly important in a wireless environment where the spectrum resources are limited. When the number of subcarriers is large, the spectrum utilization of the system tends to be 2Baud / Hz.

In conclusion, COFDM technology can be applied in narrowband bandwidth, complex environment, high-speed mobile environment with interference. Common COFDM transmitter application devices  are:

 Man Carried Mobile: ST6200DB-HD

 Vehicle Mobile: ST6220CZ-HD

 Covert wireless video link: ST6200TPS-HD

 UAV/ UGV/ USV video links: ST6200TPS-HD

 ENG, News Gathering, Video Assist: ST6200TKMD-HD