1. Q: Does the COFDM equipment have radiation?
A: Yes, but the impact is not great.
Like the radio is through microwave transmission, like our mobile phone computer, as long as not stay together for a long time will not have any effect.

2. Q: Transmit power is the bigger the better?
A: No, the greater the power transmission distance is farther, but at the same time will increase the radiation on the human body, its volume and weight will be greater.
Transmission power have the limits of laws and regulations in many countries, is not as large as that you want to do.

3. Q: Will the equipment become hot due to long time use?
A: Yes, it will, like a computer, like a long time work will be fever, so the device which sets a small fan, the other manpack equipment containing compartment pack, so
little heat, the device to run for a long time appropriate rest .

4. Q: Will there be frequency interference?
A: No, the device is VHF and UHF, to avoid the mobile phone and other mobile devices' 2.4GHz frequency, it adopts the current leading COFDM modulation technology and
relative narrow-band frequency(2/2.5//4/8MHz), it has the strong anti-jamming capability.

5. Q: Video image will be mosaic and flash screen?
A: No, the mosaic due to the frequency interference, the device is ultra-low frequency, contains a filter, does not produce interference, so there will be not mosaic

6. Q: Frequency can be adjusted?
A: Within a prescribed frequency range of the device, you can freely adjust, if the frequency is outside the specified range, it will exist splash screen, software
programs have caused serious disorder will not be used, so be sure to tune in the frequency range of equipment requirements.

7. Q: Will the HDMI cable interfere with the antenna?
A: This depends on the quality of the HDMI cable, last time the customer feedback HDMI cable on the device had some interference, the customer immediately take measures,
like the following photoCOFDM transmitter with HDMI cable

The effect in general. Later re-purchased the 20 + core HDMI cable contains anti-interference magnetic ring, there will be no interference. So be sure to use the
anti-interference magnetic ring of the HDMI cable, which can greatly improve the video quality.micro HDMI cable to mini HDMI cable

8. Q: I request the frequency is not in your frequency range, you can customize it?
A: Yes, the frequency range of each country is not the same, can customize according to your specified frequency.