This is a sea farm remote wireless monitoring transmission successful solution, according to the characteristics of ocean surged wave environment, a customized solution was designed by Suntor team. The HD video of PTZ IP camera were sent to the coast over 8km distance- with Suntor digital wireless transmission equipment.

        The PTZ IP camera was used in the wireless monitoring system, is customized by SUNTOR for Marine environment, through tMariculture Wireless Monitoring Solution with Super Night Vision PTZ IP Camerahe camera can get a clear image whether in day or night.

        Because there is no electricity supply point at sea, the local fisherman use a set of Wind-solar hybrid power system to provide wireless monitoring system sufficient electric power.

        This system's completion can help the aquaculture farmers tomonitor their mariculture on sea for 24hours.

The camera key features

1. It will show the color effect in night, and the picture is very smooth

2. Using 25x optical zoom camera movement with star level

3. 360°rotation angle monitoring

4. Adopts special anti-salt spray treatment, can be used in terrible sea environment

5. Using professional fill light measures to make the night as bright as daytime