In the purchase of wireless bridge, we often see some annotations, such as: 150M wireless bridge, 300M wireless bridge, 450M wireless bridge and so on.

So these 150M, 300M, 450M what does that mean?

First of all, is not "meters" means, these annotations do not explain the transmission distance of these wireless bridges, but in the description of the wireless bridge transmission rate.

In fact, 150M, 300M, 450M in the "M" is the abbreviation for Mbps, that is the "bit rate", which is used to calculate the unit of data transmission speed.

Some people may ask, describe the speed is not a Gb / s, Mb, Kb / s these? These units of calculation with the above Mbps a relationship?

The answer is yes.

Mbps and Gb / s, Mb, Kb / s These units of calculation have a simple equation, but before revealing that equation, or to reveal the relationship between them first.

The data in the transmission process and will not be stable to maintain a value, so the bit rate is only an approximate average reference value, we say 1Mbps network speed, then there is 128Kb / s. In fact, in the testing process, the real transmission speed is only 120Kb / b or so, after all, in the transmission process will have a certain loss, so we say how much speed is the theory, to grasp the real transmission speed Only view the measured speed.

Mbps to MBps transmission speed is 1:8, so 150Mbps = 150÷8 = 18.75MB / s, 300Mbps = 300÷8 = 37.5 MB / s, 450Mbps = 450÷8 = 60MB / s.

So, when the market to promote a wireless bridge transmission rate of 300M, then its transmission speed is 37MB / s or so, of course, depending on the transmission distance and the environment, the transmission speed will change.

If you feel that the transmission bandwidth is not enough, you can also increase the antenna gain, or multi-module wireless bridge the way to increase the bandwidth, so that make wireless transmission become more smooth.