Microwave transmission is one of the most flexible, most adaptable means of communication, with the construction of fast, small investment, flexible features


Microwave transmission is not only widely used in the mobile network, fixed network operators get the same favor; widely used, can be used in radio and television, security video surveillance transmission control. To China also has the country's backbone microwave links.

Wireless transmission network in a fixed position

2001, according to the State Council (2001), No. 36 on telecommunications reform program notification requirements and the Working Group on telecommunications reform plan assets division, after China Telecom restructuring (north-south split), China Telecom and China Netcom in the north in the south network have undergone tremendous changes, Quanchengquanwang network advantages and rich user access resources quickly disappear, so the northern and southern branches of each telecom operator China Netcom newly established branches facing great difficulties, a serious lack of city pipes, fiber resources. At this time, the use of wireless way to quickly enter the market to solve the access business, generating operating income, enhance competitiveness, become an important choice. In the relatively resource-rich South China Telecom and China Netcom North, the same is also using microwave transmission as a cost-effective complement to fiber-optic network.

▲ in the backbone network, the largest microwave transmission capacity can provide 2.5Gbps, used with fiber hybrid network as the halo network is closed, back up important links and so on.

▲ in the access network, microwave products can provide TDM + IP hybrid business to solve the last mile access problem.

▲ For the case in remote areas, the environment can not be laying fiber or laying cable lines uneconomical use of microwave products are widely used, such as "villages" works.

▲ emergency and temporary communications needs, such as temporary communication needs of large-scale conferences, sports, exhibitions.

▲ wiring or laying out is not easy for security monitoring wireline uneconomic case also played a very good effect, can quickly put to use to complete the installation, cost, simple construction, the image effect is also very good.




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