PTZ and decoder, is relatively easy to monitor the system failed link, Here are some solutions to the problem, hoping to play a little on the vast number of projects inspired role. Failure often have the following situation: 

1. Yards turn lights do not flash
Software settings (light does not flash, mainly code converter is not working, start the software settings to address this issue)
(1). Software decoder settings (decoder protocols, com port, baud rate, parity, data bits, stop bits)
(2). Replacing a com port (com port to check for damage),
(3). Hardware, such as the above settings, or does not work properly, open the nine-pin to 25-pin converter interface. Check the wiring for 2-2,3-3,5-7, if correct, check the code converter power supply is normal (available multimeter voltage and current test (9v, 500ma)), no problem can be determined code converter has after damage
2. The decoder can not control
No relay sound decoder.
(1). Check whether the decoder power.
(2). Check whether the pull code converter to the output signal 485.
(3). Check whether the settings are correct protocol decoder
(4). Check the baud rate settings are consistent with the decoder (check the address code setting is consistent with the selected camera, detailed address code decoder DIP table see instructions)
(5). Check that the decoder and code converter wiring errors (1-485a, 2-b; some decoders are 1-485b, 2-a)
(6). Check that the decoder is working properly (the old decoder power off after one minute, if there is a self-test sound; software control PTZ, there will be change in voltage between the decoder up, down, auto and other ports and ptcom mouth, change the case may be, according to the decoder 24vor220v, these ports will switch signal changes in some of the decoder), if the decoder is working properly, otherwise the decoder failure
(7). Check whether the fuse decoder has been burned.

3. Unable to control PTZ
(1). Check sixth above normal
(2). Decoder 24v or 220v power supply output voltage is normal port
(3). Directly to the head of the up, down, and ptcom line powered, check whether the PTZ can work.
(4). Check the power supply interface is wrong
(5). Check the circuit is wrong (old decoder for up, down, etc. directly to the power supply line and ptcom to PTZ cameras and PTZ each line and each line can be directly connected; some decoders for independent power supply interface.
4. Most PTZ control functions can not be used
(1). The interface can not be operated (not click or click no response)
a. Check the code above steps remortgage
b. Install the appropriate patches PTZ control
c. Notify the supplier
(2). Click to turn lights or time code decoder ring inside the relay, but some features can not control
Attorney can not control some of the wiring is correct function, PTZ, camera and other equipment is intact, whether the port voltage decoder functions, switch output is normal
(3). PTZ control action is not normal
If there can not be stopped rotating, the first to test the port alone (directly to the port is powered, controlled), as normal, then check the decoder corresponding port is working properly

5. When you open the software, videos will generate mosaics
Software problem, consult the supplier

6 shields and head deadweight choice
Shield internal dimensions should be large enough to accommodate not only the camera and lens, but also consider there is sufficient traces of space.

When calculating the head load, in addition to considering the camera, lens, infrared light, the weight of the shield, the following factors should be considered.
Wind resistance -1kg
Cable pulling -1kg
Snow -3kg
Down 10% safety margin

7 PTZ Cautions
Automatic head horizontal retrace function is not to 24 hours after another operation and design. Doing so will cause excessive motor running head. We do not support automatic day PTZ horizontal retrace more than 12 hours. PTZ PTZ motor due to the continuous automatic horizontal retrace caused damage, not in the scope of the manufacturer's warranty. We recommend the use of more cameras automatically retrace head replacement level. Because the cost of the camera to be lower.
PTZ preset with the horizontal and vertical scanning function, if prolonged let PTZ preset point back and forth between the rotation, auto scan, it will also cause damage to the head of the motor, which is not within the range of the manufacturer's warranty .