Date: October 25 - 28, 2016

Location: Beijing, P.R. China

Booth No.: E4-J19

The annual security exhibition opened at the end of October, Suntor has been exhibiting for six consecutive years, the exhibition for four days, attracting a large number of domestic and foreign customers to visit, each enterprise with their own top products and excellent groups participation,  provide one-on-one for on-site customer solutions, Suntor's exhibition attracted a large number of customers to consult, the following look at the suntor exhibition exchange picture.

security china 2016 suntor exhibition picture

Professional technical team as a backup support

technical team

Long range wireless ethernet bridge (30km, 50km ,100km)

long ragne wireless ethernet bridge introduce

Solar& wind power supply wireless CCTV monitoring system

Solar& wind power supply wireless cctv monitoring system

COFDM  video transmitter,3G/4G transmission equipment

COFDM video transmitter and receiver box introduce

Wireless mesh network introduction

wireless mesh network introduce