2000 China's first home DVR available, began to enter the Chinese security fields. Subsequently, in the technology-driven market, and double the next, DVR began rapid development. Came In 2006, DVR has occupied the entire video surveillance nearly 40% market share . In the process of video surveillance from analog to digital in the development, DVR plays a very important role, it can be said, DVR has created a digital surveillance era.

Beginning in 2006, with the development of information technology and in-depth networking technology, video surveillance industry has begun to enter the era of network, network functions and network adaptability requirements of the market for DVR's increasingly high demand in this some major manufacturers have begun to attach importance to the network function, introduced DVS (network Video Server) product, which, insiders say, DVR will usher in the "post-DV era." However, DVS product powerful networking capabilities, but reduces the local management and control capabilities , which obviously can not cover the existing markets of the DVR. The DVR as a digital-analog hybrid products, but has not come out of their semi-digital half analog embarrassment. Therefore, the video surveillance market competition increasingly fierce, product homogeneity and growing - market calls for genuine replacement products In network monitoring market demand, in 2007, is known as the DVR replaced by --NVR (Network Video Recorder) concept was frequently mentioned..

In fact, foreign, NVR products and technologies have been used in some high-security areas. In China, professional security media and other theorists also NVR grace, adding the assessment of the NVR market is also very optimistic about the prospects. However, this year, the entire network monitoring product marketing and does not seem to get the desired results, which led to the domestic industry NVR go very slow, very hard. So manufacturers and users seem to have begun to NVR, network video surveillance wondering, development NVR , and the whole network video surveillance industry go from here?

NVR IP camera is connected to a video recorder, IP camera is divided into CIF / D1 ordinary IP camera Megapixel IP camera with digital The effect depends on the video camera and DVR DVR own compression algorithm and chip processing power, and video effects are mainly dependent on NVR IP camera, because the IP camera output is digitally compressed video, when the video reaches the NVR, no analog to digital conversion and does not require compression, just store, when you want to display and playback only need to decompress.



H264. 2U 32CH HD Network Video Recorder



  NVR and DVR

 Multifunctional wireless receiver

 H.264 Network video server

Omnidirectional antenna

directional antennas

 Wireless antenna series

1-50KM Digital wireless bridge

Analog wireless AV transmitter

wireless transmitter