On 8th Dec 2017, SUNTOR technical team tested the 5watts bodyworn COFDM video transmitter(ST9502T) in Shenzhen urban area-longhua district.

The following map shows the location of transmitter and receiver during testing. In the map, the Guigu Power Qinghu Yuan is the location of receiver(4channel receiver box), A, B, C and D are the location of 4sets bodyworn transmitters. 

Google map show total 4 transmitter points which are ABCD


A----Monitor Center: 1.5km

B----Monitor Center: 1.3km

C----Monitor Center: 0.9km

D----Monitor Center: 1.1km


4 guys walked to four different destination A, B, C and D transmitters on back and camera. One guy moving to A by driving car. Another guy moving to B by riding bike. The other two guys towards to destnation C and D by foot. During they moving to their destnation, the four cameras video were smoothly transmitted by the transmitters and displayed on the 4CH receiver box(ST6204R-P) in monitor center.

Photos during testing4 transmitter moving test state

In monitor center, the receiver box display 4channel videos.4 transmitter with one 4CH large LCD receiver box