Currently on the market single-mode, dual-mode, three-mode, multi-mode is common in optical fiber, wireless ethernet bridge are as the same as fiber-optic also have these "model" concept. In the "mode" category, wireless ethernet bridge have three type mode: single-mode, dual-mode and three-mode.

    What is single-mode, dual-mode and three-mode wireless bridge?

    Here, for ease of understanding, first explain the definition of single double or multimode fibers.

    The so-called single-mode fiber, only through one wave peak, that is to say, can only transmit a mode of fiber. Since this type of fiber is very fine, about 8-10 μm, form a small mode dispersion, so that single-mode fiber with a wide frequency band for long-distance transmission.

    Therefore, the single-mode fiber's feature is one mode signal and long transmission distance.

    The multi-mode fiber is two or more transmission mode fiber, its fiber core thicker, about 50-100 μm, relative to single-mode fiber, it will form a larger mode dispersion, resulting in shorter transmission distance, the loss is larger, it can only be used in the medium-short distance, low bandwidth signal transmission.

    Therefore, multi-mode fiber's feature is supporting a variety of mode signal transmission, but the transmission distance is short.

    Like optical fiber, wireless bridge also supports one, two, three signal transmission mode.

    Wireless bridge and optical fiber is different, the former use air as the transmission medium, while the latter use fiber as the transmission medium. If for long-range wireless transmission, you need to use single-mode wireless bridge, if you need transmit two or three signal mode, then use dual mode or three mode wireless bridge.

    Therefore, the single-mode wireless bridge's feature is supporting a mode of signal transmission and long transmission distance.

    Dual-mode, three-mode wireless bridge's feature is supporting two or three modes of signal transmission, transmission distance is short, such as transmission relay point, you can use dual-mode, three-mode to receive and transmit signals at the same time.

    As shown in the figure, the middle dual-mode wireless bridge ST5801GB-M2 mainly be used to receive the signal from the front transmitter, and this signal forwarded to the back receiver.Dual mode wireless bridge as relay point