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  • · COFDM HD video NLOS transmission mini system Latency test

    Low latency COFDM wireless NLOS video system has been available

    Latency test time: 40-80ms

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  • · COFDM on the FAQ

    About COFDM wireless video transmission equipment, many customers have some questions, now these questions are summarized, hope to help everyone.

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  • · Delay time between different wireless video devices

    Recently received many delay time feedback about COFDM video transmitter, many users are very concern about this issue, can COFDM technology be done without delay?

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  • · 150M 300M wireless bridge in the M What does this mean?

    150M 300M 450M wireless bridge in the M What does this mean?

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  • · COFDM UAV(Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) image transmission equipment

    As air robot, UAV can use for spy on, monitor, geodetic surveying and remote control ,etc, in the In the military field and for civil use. It is mainly used for the acquisition of high resolution, describing objects set form 2D or 3D images. High speed transmission of image has become an important restriction problem of the UAV application, because of the high resolution image data in large amount, with the ground resolution is increased, the amount of image data need to be transmitted in a geometric increase in the number of data, code rate is also growing rapidly.

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  • · wireless bridge FAQ

    1.wireless bridge is Stable?support lightning protection or not?

    The product of SUNTOR,wireless bridge adopt USA Atheros CREE XLamp,it is very stability.And according to customer requirment we can provide a suitable solution for the customer,to achieve the best effect.The device no lightning protection,if it is a minefield, then do professional mine deal,if not, just need to do the device contact with grounded.

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  • · 8 principles surveillance system installation

    Safety awareness increases, Video surveillance systems into our lives. Video surveillance program are also more and more, So the first thing to consider installing surveillance systems of the following 8 major principles:

    1.Real-time monitoring system.........


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  • · PTZ and decoder Troubleshooting

    PTZ and decoder, is relatively easy to monitor the system failed link, Here are some solutions to the problem, hoping to play a little on the vast number of projects inspired role. Failure often have the following situation: 

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  • · Microwave Transmission

    Microwave transmission is one of the most flexible, most adaptable means of communication, with the construction of fast, small investment, flexible features

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  • · The difference between the NVR and DVR

    2000 China's first home DVR available, began to enter the Chinese security fields. Subsequently, in the technology-driven market, and double the next, DVR began rapid development. Came In 2006, DVR has occupied the entire video surveillance nearly 40% market share .

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