December 4th, 2016 Shenzhen Baoan International Marathon officially began, this is the first held in Shenzhen Baoan District marathon, but also China's first international-level marathon. The International Marathon is the first stop of the marathon series with the theme "the Belt and Road". There are three events, There are three events, namely, 42 km full, 21 km and 5 km carnival fun half-way run, attracted a total of more than 16,000 athletes to participate in the event.

2016 Shenzhen Baoan International Marathon

Due to the large number of participants, the tournament organizers in order to maintain the order of the stadium to ensure that each sportsman's personal and property safety, mobilized a total of 200 medical workers, 160 track rescue volunteers, 700 point observation volunteers, 25 medical aid stations, in addition to equipped with advanced wireless video surveillance system.

2016 Shenzhen Baoan International Marathon route map

As the division is temporary structures, and require monitoring system installation time to be shorter, so the organizers decided to adopt wireless video surveillance system which installation is easy, convenient, flexible.

Suntor is invited to provide the venue for wireless video surveillance equipment, solution and technical support.

As early as the preparation of the stadium during the competition, Suntor send a number of professional wireless video surveillance system technical to the scene, according to the actual situation of the scene, designed a sound and reliable solution, and completed wireless CCTV system installation before the race beginning.

In order to ensure that the wireless video surveillance system during the normal operation of the event, Suntor sent two technician to the scene of the marathon temporary monitoring center on standby.

The venue is used in HD 1080P IP camera, high-power wireless bridge ST58T8G which transmit surveillance video to the temporary monitoring command center, monitoring points are mainly distributed in the stadium assembly area, the starting point and end area.

High-power wireless bridge used in Marathon stadium

High-power wireless bridge used in Marathon stadium

The following is wireless bridge in the process of building the scene picture:

Installation site

Stadium wireless bridge installation site

After the installation of wireless monitoring equipment

After the installation of wireless monitoring equipment

end of installation of wireless equipment

HD IP camera and high-power wireless network bridge

The following is the marathon before the start of the scene picture:

Preparation for the marathon

The following is the monitor screen in the stadium temporary command center:

monitoring temporary command center