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Transmission video by manpack COFDM HD wireless transmitter

Handheld receiver in Suntor company.
5W transmitter moves with the car in high speed.
Environment: Industrial park, high building, trees, highway. (there are many obstructions)
The video is from receiver USB flash disk.

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Short flight time?
Frequency interference, signal loss?
Remote areas, can not reach?
do not be afraid,
UAV + wireless transmission equipment may be able to help.

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UAV COFDM HD Video Wireless Transmission Test

UAV COFDM HD Video Wireless Transmission Testing Video

Vertical Fly Height: 200 meters

Fly Distance: up to 4km


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What is single mode, dual mode, three mode wireless ethernet bridge?Currently on the market single-mode, dual-mode, three-mode, multi-mode is common in optical fiber, wireless ethernet bridge are as the same as fiber-optic also have these "model" concept. In the "mode" category, wireless ethernet bridge have three type mode: single-mode, dual-mode and three-mode.

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30km long range outdoor wireless transmission equipment test videoLocation: A Shenzhen Namoa island B double moon bay Huizhou
Transmission Distance: 30Km
Equipment: ST5801GB/ Dish antenna
Result: the file transmission speed: 80Mbps

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small unmanned surface vehicleAs the saying goes, the sky is wider than the ocean. But compared to the unmanned aerial vehicles in the sky, the unmanned surface vehicle in the ocean may have a more broad application prospects.

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UAV COFDM wirless video transmitter5km wireless video transmission for modern equipment is not very far away, a lot of equipment can be done easily. However, in different environments, different needs, you need to select the appropriate wireless video transmission equipment.

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Marathon wireless video surveillance solutionMore and more large scale activities need temporary area monitoring, for more easy and convenient, using wireless security solution.

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sailing race videoInternational sailing race on the sea, using COFDM video transmitter for high speed moving sailing ship transmit full HD 1080P stable competition image. The ship is 30km away from the coast.

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The 13th Security China 2016

10/31/2016 4:36 PM

The 13th Security China 2016-SuntorThe annual security exhibition opened at the end of October, Suntor has been exhibiting for six consecutive years, the exhibition for four days, attracting a large number of domestic and foreign customers to visit, each enterprise with their own top products and excellent groups participation,  provide one-on-one for on-site customer solutions, Suntor's exhibition attracted a large number of customers to consult, the following look at the suntor exhibition exchange picture.


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