Speaking of wireless video equipment, we generally look at the parameters to select products, transmission distance, frequency, resolution, weight, we are very concerned about these parameters, then there is a key parameter is the delay time, the following details to explain delay time for different types of wireless video devices.

Most of the wireless technology can provide uncompressed video, because of its high bit rate, so they have a compressed signal, wireless transmission, and then decompress it. Because this process takes time and latency is added to the transmission, this leads to system latency issues. Different manufacturers of different technologies, which also led to different time delay, such as COFDM technology, the delay is generally 300ms-800ms, our current technical delay around 300ms, the general customer for this parameter is not very mind, as COFDM products widely used. Especially for media news broadcast users are very concerned about this parameter, hoping to reduce the delay time to achieve real-time transmission, Suntor receive some feedback from the user and send they back to the R & D team, we are on the delay function to further shorten , to achieve within 100ms.

COFDM (orthogonal frequency division multiplexing) modulation technology is the latest wireless transmission technology, it is a true multi-carrier technology, the number of sub-carriers to 1704 carrier (2K mode), or even 8K mode, but also real in the actual use of the High-speed data transmission (2-20Mbps) with "anti-blocking", "non-line-of-sight" and "mobile transmission" features outstanding "diffraction" and "penetration" performance.

Analog video transmission without coding process, so the delay has more advantages, but its low-pixel defects gradually unable to meet the requirements of modern equipment, it is less be applied.

Maybe you will have questions, can not do no delay?

The current market can do no delay is AMIMON's WHDI technology, it can send uncompressed video, WHDI full name is Wireless Home Digital Interface (also know as: Wireless High-Definition Interface). It is mainly used in indoor, based on the provisions of the global 5GHz spectrum regulations, working in 4.9GHz ~ 5.875GHz operation frequency in the 40MHz channel, support for uncompressed 1080P images, the latency is less than 1ms. AMIMON provides a high-quality, lossless, uncompressed wireless link. The use of MIMO technology and OFDM modulation can achieve up to 3Gbps transmission rate in a 40 MHz channel.

AMIMON is the only solution that offers wireless transmission of uncompressed HDTV. The reason is HD video, which is uncompressed and requires ultra-high-speed transmission, even advanced wireless solutions can not provide.

Amimon can do almost zero delay, because there is no coding, that is, no direct transmission of compressed data. As long as there is coding will be a delay, it's just a matter of time latency length.

WHDI technology in the image resolution and delay on the break through the constraints, but the transmission is limited to a short distance, between 10m-800m, the cost increases with the distance increases, as the news media is commonly used that 2 stick antennas in transmitter side, and 5 stick antennas in receiver side,, the distance is in between 100-300m mostly, more than 1 km couldn't be used, COFDM technology can be met, the transmission distance can reach 100 km (line-of-sight), and have strong none-line-of-sight capacity, can up to 5km, to meet outdoor long-range blocking transmission.

With the continuous development of technology, we believe that delay problem will be improved based on the the growing of requirements, let us wait together.

COFDM mobile video equipment application: Widely used in UAV aerial, temporary mobile public security, model aircraft, live television, sports events and other cultural activities require high-definition picture quality of the industry.