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two-way wireless data transmission equipment
  • two-way wireless data transmission equipment

5W/10W NLOS two-way wireless data transmission equipment


Working frequency  300MHz~800MHz(Customized) 
Output power 5W/10W
Modulation TDD-OFDM
Channel bandwidth: 5/8MHz
Data transmission type Full-duplex
Transmission Protocol Standard TCP/IP,transparent transmission


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Product description

ST6200DATA wireless NLOS two-way data transmission equipment is new generation of NLOS two-way real-time data transmission system. It adopts the current leading TDD -OFDM modulation technology, has the strong anti-jamming capability,overcomes the reflection and cover caused by transmission multipath simulation technique and conventional modulation techniques, to realize high-speed photography and real-time transmit two-way data , audio and video in NLOS or complicated working environment.


Suit for high-speed data transmission and transmission rate is up to 2~8Mbps. It could meethigh quality video , audio and data transmission .Such as : text, office documents, audio and video files, share files; access to the Internet, access to the internal network, access and download the database, dial the telephone exchange, remote maintenance.

TDD anti-electromagnetic interference performance:

Compared with FDD two-way communication, TDD just need a single frequency while FDD requires a plurality of single-mode frequency and these frequency need to have a large frequency interval to prevent adjacent channel interference. Relative to the single carrier frequency domain equalization technology, Multi-carrier endowed with a long delay and strong anti-multipath capability, is more suited to urban environments.

TDD anti-multipath fading performance:

It can confront signal waveform interference effectively. Suitable for multi-path environment and fading channel high-speed data transmission. When the frequency selective fading appear in the channel because of multi-path transmission, only the sub-carrier, which fell over the band depression, and the information carried will be affected. Other sub-carriers will not be affected. Thus, the system total error rate performance will be much better.


Adapt for command vehicle~ command vehicle and command vehicle ~command center . Having high power, it could transmit two-way data transmission within 20km in the open area.


1.Working frequency:300~800MHz(Customized)

2.NLOS two-way transmission

3.Support point to point or multi-point to point network access

4.Support data two-way transmission, such as video, audio and data

5.Could transmit steady data signal in high-speed and multi-channel interfere circumstance

6.Transmission rate is 2~8Mbps

7.Transmission power is up to 10W

8.Easy to install, Plug-play; with omnidirectional antenna

9.Support system encryption

10.Signal indicator



Suit for high quality real-time mobile video transmission in complex and special environment, such as: police , fire, traffic police, city inspectors, environmental monitoring, flood control, electricity and rescue, railway and rescue, maritime law enforcement, maritime surveillance patrol, customs border, port monitoring, forest fire prevention, oil security, military reconnaissance, television , urban areas, the sea, mountains, etc.

Application type

Transmission path : Communication command car~Local command center~Network to other command center.  

Schematic diagram

 NLOS two-way wireless data transmission equipment





NLOS two-way wireless data transmission equipment

RF part
Working frequency 300MHz~800MHz(Customized)
Output power 5W/10W
Modulation TDD-OFDM
Channel bandwidth: 5/8MHz
System part
Data transmission type Full-duplex
Transmission Protocol Standard TCP/IP,transparent transmission
Data type 10/100Bate-T Ethernet Adaptive
Data transmission rate 2Mbps~8Mbps
BER ≤10-6
Transmission distance 2~10Km(NLOS),5~20Km(LOS)
Receiving sensitivity -92dBm
Receiving type Omnidirectional receiving
Use type Vehicle-mounted / fixed
RF interface N-type
Physical interface RJ45
Signal Indicator STATE1、STATE2
Humidity ≥95%,Non-condensing
Voltage AC 220V
Size 2U crate 485×340×90 mm (L×W×H)
Weight 4kg
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