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Outdoor 5.8GHz digital wireless av transmitter and receiver

Outdoor 5.8GHz digital wireless av transmitter and receiver


Modulation OFDM
Frequency 4.900GHz ~ 5.850GHz
Transmit power 25± 1 dBm
Wireless mode PTP and PTMP
Antenna type Built-in 19dbi antenna
Support range 5KM (LOS)
Function Audio video and network signal


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Outdoor 5.8GHz digital wireless av transmitter and receiver

ST5819H digital wireless video transmission system standard in 802.11a,in the valid rang, without any delay when watch MPEG format video. Can reduce mutual interference between sub channels ICI for OFDM technology.ST5819H digital wireless video transmission system will determine the best connection, to ensure maximum transmission distance and data bandwidth. Provided the latest safety features, such as: WPA, WPA2, TKIP, AES and PRE-SHARED KEY.

System requested

System minimum requirements as below:

PC/AT compatible with Ethernet PC connector

Operation system, support web browser standard


a) Wired cable unavailable

There are many places laying cable is difficult or can not destroy the past, such as historic buildings, old buildings, open areas, across the busy street, mountain, forest, river, rivers, bridges, construction sites and other convenient wiring or wiring costs are very expensive places。

b) Temporary workplace

In the parks, stadiums, exhibition centers, disaster relief site, construction sites, temporary offices and other places, need to temporarily establish a network communication or multimedia applications, monitor the function of the place。

c) Real-time information access

Doctor or nurse, designated sales staff, warehouse managers and workers, access to real-time information while dealing with patients, dealing with real-time information to customers

d) Constantly changing place

Exhibition hall, conference rooms, retail stores, manufacturing base, which frequently re-layout of the place. Small office and home (SOHO) office network, you need a small cost-effective and quick and easy installation where interest rates。

e) As wirelessly to extend an Ethernet network

In mobile network environment, network managers can maximize the reduction of costs to achieve and Ethernet network connections, and adapt to the wireless LAN among other changes.

f) Backup for wired network

Important place for the line, the cable network is a backup line, to avoid sudden disruption caused by the information.

g) Training and education facilities

Campus in the training and educational facilities (large establishments), for officers to access the wireless network signal connection, to facilitate information exchange and learning.

 Outdoor 5.8GHz digital wireless av transmitter and receiver


Outdoor 5.8GHz Digital wireless bridge(ST5819H)

Wireless standard IEEE 802.11a
Operation Bridge  Gateway  Ethernet Converter
Data 802.11a: up to 54Mbps
Connector RJ45/POE
Output power 802.11a: up to 25± 1 dBm
Sensitivity -90dBm
Frequency range: 4.900GHz ~ 5.850GHz
Power requested 12V DC
Wireless mode AP/Client/WDS
Temperature -30°C ~ 70°C
Dimension 268×253×63mm
Weight: 2.3KG
Encrypt 64/128bit WEP
WPA(TKIP with IEEE 802.1x)
WPA2(AES with IEEE 802.1x)
Storage humidity 10% ~ 90% (Noncondesable)
Antenna Built-in antenna 19dBi
Channel 5.18GHz-CH36        5.200GHz-CH40
5.220GHz-CH44       5.240GHz-CH48
5.260GHz-CH52       5.280GHz-CH56
5.300GHz-CH60       5.320GHz-CH64
5.500GHz-CH100      5.520GHz-CH104
5.540GHz-CH108      5.560GHz-CH112
5.580GHz-CH116      5.600GHz-CH120
5.620GHz-CH124      5.640GHz-CH128
5.660GHz-CH132      5.680GHz-CH136
5.700GHz-CH140      5.745GHz-CH149
5.765GHz-CH153      5.785GHz-CH157
5.805GHz-CH161      5.825GHz-CH165

 Features and Advantage:

Features Advantage
High-speed data transfer rate, up to 54Mbps Able to handle large data payload, such as MPEG video
Output power up to 26dB,remote control timeout interrupt With minimal system to provide better transmission distance and AP area
According IEEE 802.11a Communicate with  IEEE 802.11a standard system
Versatile application Access Point/ Bridge/Repeater Mode
WDS Setup a wireless AP and bridge mode, repeater mode can reach 4links
PPPoE The client’s Ethernet router mode to provide point to point protocol
Support WPA2/WPA/ IEEE 802.1x Powerful data security encryption
Support for user isolation(in AP mode) Protection the network information well
Maintain personal setting Maintain the latest software when update
SNMP remote configuration management Help to remotely configure or mange more convenient for administrators
Support QoS (WMM) Improve performance and density


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