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Portable High Capacity Lithium Battery 2500mAh 12V

Portable High Capacity Lithium Battery 2500mAh 12V

Model:2500mAh 12V

Type Portable lithium battery
Capacity 2500mAh
Working hours About 2.5 hours
Size 60*50*25.5mm
Weight 200g
Use Apply to portable device such as video transmitter, car model and so on


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This lithium battery has the advantages as light weight, high capacity, no memory effect and good for environmental protection. It can be used widely in portable electronic devices. (Such as wireless video transmitter, aircraft model, car model and so on).

Please note in the first charging: make sure to run out the battery, and then continue to charge about 2-5 hours until the indicator light turns green. This way can make battery to maximize efficiency. When the charging is done, the LED light on the top of battery turns green.

Lithium battery must be with protection circuit, when it is in use, hitting and extrusion may cause internal short circuit. Therefore, must note the followings when using it:

1.Don't use inferior charge, use our equipped special charger

2.It is a dedicated lithium battery charger, so don’t use it for the charging of other types battery

3.Avoid the strong hit and impact when it is in use.

4.Discharge is not necessary before charging of lithium battery, improper discharge will cause the battery damaged.

Portable high-capacity Li-battery
Voltage 12V remind
Current 2500mA
Prohibited in fire

Please choose the dedicated charger

Dimension 60mmx50mmx25mm
Protective 12.9V
Limited charge voltage 12.6V
weight 200g
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