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UHF 300~800MHz TDD-COFDM NLOS Dual-way Data Transmission System for IP Camera

UHF 300~800MHz TDD-COFDM NLOS Dual-way Data Transmission System for IP Camera


Frequency 300~800MHz
Modulation TDD-COFDM
Transmission Mold Full-Duplex
Bandwidth 5/8MHz
Output Power 2W/5W/10W(optional)
Power Supply: DC 12V/5A
Transmission Rate 2Mbps~8Mbps
Transmission distance NLOS: 2-8km, LOS 10-15km, Horizontal on sea 10-30km(LOS)
Weight 1.2 kg



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ST-3080TDA is SUNTOR special develop NLOS dual-way real time transmission system, adopted advanced TDD COFDM multiplexing technology, distribute the sources of information channel to users through time slot and frequency sub-carrier, to realize users joining up at single frequency. The information channel support AES128 and customer manual custom encryption key, assure the confidentiality of data, the system tie up relative narrow band and occupy air frequency (5/8MHz) with strong Multipath anti-interference, overcome analog and regular modulation technology that bring problem with transmission in high speed movement and barriers, make the transmission come true in complex environment such as: compressed data, audio, video, and other signals, Suitable for using in complex environment


ST-3080TDA is special designed for high speed data transmission in movement. The transmit rate up to 2~8Mbps, which can meet high quality video, audio and data transmission. It includes text files, office documents, audio and video files, share files, access to the Internet, access the Intranet, access and download the database, dial telephone exchange, remote maintenance and other function on virtual network.

TDD Anti-electromagnetic Interference Performance

Compared with FDD need multi frequency to realize dual-way communication, TDD just requires only one single frequency, and these frequency also need big frequency space to avoid interference. Multi-carrier technology has strong ability to resist long delay and strong anti-multipath. So TDD is more suitable to apply in city environment

COFDM Anti-multipath Fading

It can be effective against signal interference between wave forms for high-speed data transmission and multi-path fading channel environment. When the channel appear frequency selective fading because of the multi-path transmission, only the sub-carrier band that falls depression and its carrying information will be affected. other sub-carriers are intact. Thus the overall system's error rate will be better.

Device Application Form

The device is suitable for data transmission in air. Wireless video transmission on UAV. Air to ground distance: 20-40km.
It also can be used for man-pack to communication van, communication van to communication van, communication van to monitor center, Ship to monitor center.
Horizontal Distance(on ground)(LOS): 10-15km
Horizontal Distance(on sea)(LOS): 15-35km


Two-way communication NLOS by signal frequency
Support PTP&PTMP network composing
Support dual-way transmission, support to package form data, audio and video data, asynchronous serial data communication
Strong transmission ability in NLOS
Stable digital signal transmission in high speed movement and multi interference environment
Double standard Ethernet port, facilitate extension
Mini size, light weight, portable plug &play with omni antenna to receive
Support customized design


Achieve PTP or PTMP two way data transmission; to meet the high quality video transmission, audio transmission, data transmission; including: text files, office files, audio and video files, shared files; access to the Internet, access to internal Network, access and download the database, dial switched telephone, remote maintenance, and so the virtual network can achieve the function.

The overall transmission path is: communication command vehicle ~ local command center ~ network to the provincial and municipal command center. Communication command vehicle and local command center to establish a wireless link, through the metropolitan area network or digital data communications.WAN transmission to the national provincial and municipal command center, to achieve two-way.

Schematic Diagram

UHF 300~800MHz TDD-COFDM NLOS Dual-way Data Transmission System

Topological graph

UHF 300~800MHz TDD-COFDM NLOS Dual-way Data Transmission System

Frequency 300~800MHz customize
Modulation TDD COFDM
Bandwidth: 5/8MHz
Output power 2W/5W/10W(optional)
Transmission mold Full Duplex
Transmission Protocol Standard TCP/IP,  transparent transmission
Transmission type 10/100Bate-T, Ethernet self-adapting
Transmission rate 2~8Mbps
Error rate ≤10-6 
Transmission distance NLOS: 2-8km, LOS 10-15km, Horizontal on sea 10-30km(LOS)
Receiving sensitivity -92dBm
Receiving mode Omni
Mode of application Hang, Fixed
RF interface N-type Female
Ethernet interface Two RJ45 Ports with connection indicator light
Signal strength  indicator light STATE1、STATE2
Power supply DC 12V/5A
Power connector Aviation plug
Operating humidity No less than 95% (Non - Condensing)
Power switch Press lock with light switch
Dimension 186×126×58mm (L×W×H)
Weight: 1.2KG
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