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waterproof wireless av and ptz transmitter and receiver system

waterproof wireless av and ptz transmitter and receiver system

Model:TY-3000SZ & TY-1500SZ

Modulation FM
Frequency 1.2GHz , 2.4GHz
Wireless mode Point to point
Antenna type External directional antenna
Support range 3-5KM (LOS)
Function Video ,audio & rs485 signal


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Product Overview:

TY-3000SZ and TY-1500SZ microwave wireless image transmission system using FM transmission means of microwave remote monitoring video signals and audio signals. Transmission distance, performance, stability, frequency adjustment digital display itself features a waterproof and dustproof, suitable for outdoor and harsh environments. The system is working with the L-band (920 ~ 1300MHz), S-band (2414 ~ 2510MHz) within the full real-time image transmission, transmission distance TY-3000SZ can be transferred to 5 km, while TY-1500SZ is 3KM . with the Following the fear shelter. The system technology is mature and cost-effective.

Product Selection: TY-3000SZ, TY-1500SZ

Main frequency:

921MHz 993 MHz 1021 MHz 1051 MHz 1060 MHz
1080 MHz 1100 MHz 1120 MHz 1140 MHz 1160 MHz
1180 MHz 1200 MHz 1220 MHz 1240 MHz 1260 MHz

1280 MHz 2414 MHz 2432 MHz 2450 MHz 2468 MHz

2370 MHz 2390 MHz 2490 MHz 2510 MHz

Each model is different from another customer in the selection order when attention Remarks
waterproof wireless av and ptz transmitter and receiver system
Microwave Image Transmitter System Index
Working frequency
Transmit power
Output impedence
Input video
1 Peak-Peak
Input audio
0.1~1.0 Peak to Peak
Working voltage
220 AC V or 12VDC
Modulation format
Modulation bandwidth
Video format
Ambient temperature
Transmitter VIDEO: Video input interface (standard BNC input connector) 220VAC power supply connectorRF OUT: Antenna connector Transmitter with a professional waterproof and dustproof design, more suitable for harsh environments Receiver Video Output: Direct output analog video signals Audio Output: Direct output analog audio signal RF Input: F head down to connect the antenna radio frequency signal amplifiers    220VAC input and output Video and audio output can be directly connected to all analog input terminals: Can enter the monitor, video capture cards, hard disk video recorders, network as Frequency server, matrix, TV wall, TV sets. . .
Microwave Image Receiver System Index
Input frequency
0.9GHz~1.3GHz 、
Input impedance
Input level
Noise gate
6dB Typical
Video format
Working voltage


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